Integrity & Vision

When Walter Pulkkinen founded our parent company, Windham Millwork, Inc back in 1957 , it was founded on the principle that our customer and their ideals would be the basis for any product we would manufacture.. That is true today in the Maine Mystique family of products. We have found that yacht owners have a fierce pride in their vessel and want their marine products to carry that same degree of pride. The Maine Mystique products have been designed to display that pride of ownership by etching the yacht and the yacht name on every product we produce for a customer.

To Maine Mystique, COMPANY IMAGE is very important; we feel that our customers represent a group of folks to whom image is also very important and we hope to have our products contribute to that positive image.

QUALITY today, although expected by a sophisticated market, is still an important part of any produce line. We pursue excellence in this company and realize the importance of that excellence to our customers.

VALUE is the third leg of our journey; it is not our goal to be the “cheap guy on the block”. We do, however, want to provide the best value to our customers. We will not add a feature that we feel holds no value for our customers; on the other hand, we will not compromise the quality of a component or piece of hardware at the expense of the overall quality of our product.

This combination of COMPANY IMAGE, QUALITY, AND VALUE will provide you with a quality product that matches your vision.


BJ Pulkkinen